Malay translation services

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Need help with Malay ? We provide the solution !

Toledo Technical Translations stands ready as your reliable partner in Malaysia for all your translation needs.

Our heart is in Malaysia, where Malay is the official language. Our translation agency naturally specializes in Malay translation services and strives to make you feel at home in this country at the crossroads of Southeast Asia.

Our team of Malay linguists and technology experts will use its wide-ranging skills to deliver the best results, whatever your special requirements.

Our strengths

All the experts assigned to your project are Malay native speakers with linguistic and academic qualifications. Projects are closely managed by seasoned professionals who are familiar with the specialized content and who guarantee a high accuracy and consistency of the translation while communicating as often as possible with the client.

The added value we offer goes far beyond translating words. When working with us, you are not merely hiring professional translators – you are being served by a team of experienced problem-solvers highly familiar with the Malaysian market.

Our Malay translation services

In addition to various general fields, we offer the following services for specialized document translations with Malay including:

  • General technical translations
  • Scientific translations
  • Engineering
  • Food safety and food technology
  • Industrial systems
  • Energy
  • Patents
  • IT and Internet
  • and more…

Request a quote now for a personal assessment guaranteeing the best solution and price that will fit your needs in Malay translations.

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